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Kindness Animal Hospital has a fully equipped pharmacy. After your pet has been diagnosed with a problem, we can dispense medication to help clear the problem up. We carry medications to help treat ear, eye and skin problems as well as cardiac and intestinal problems and a number of other conditions. We do not carry some medications due to rare usage or government regulations but we can write you a prescription and they can be picked up at your local pharmacy. More difficult to find medications can be specially ordered or we can have them compounded for you.

Before dispensing prescription medication, we will need to see your pet or have a prescription from another veterinarian. This is important for several reasons::

1. We want to make sure the pet has the problem that the owner thinks it does so a proper diagnosis is important to the treatment. For example, we often get people calling up saying that their pet has ear mites and they want medication. In fact, ear mites are uncommon in older animals and the problem is typically something else. To dispense ear mite medication for an ear infection is not medically sound and ends up costing the owner more because they are buying the wrong medications.

2. For those animals that have had a problem and the owner thinks that the problem has reoccurred, we want to be sure it is the same problem. We often get people calling up saying that their pet has the same ear problem it had 6 months ago and would like the same medication. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. We can not tell when they are right and when they are wrong over the phone so we need to see the pet.

3. It is against the law to dispense prescription medication without seeing the patient. The doctor could lose her license to practice and this is not something we are willing to risk.
After saying all that, there are times when a patient has an ongoing problem that we can dispense medication without having to see the patient for each prescription refill. For instance, we have a number of dogs that are hypothyroid and will be on Soloxine medication for the rest of their lives.

To save you time, it would be best for you to call in your prescription so that it will be ready for you when you get here.

Sign up using the form or call us at 772-878-0100.

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