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Kindness Animal Hospital's in-house laboratory is equipped to perform most of the common diagnostic tests. This means that when you bring your pet in because it is not feeling well, we can perform blood work, fecals or urinalyses on the spot, make quick diagnoses and immediately start your pet on the road to recovery.

Although we can do in-house tests quickly, some of the more specialized blood tests will have to be sent to an outside laboratory and in most cases we can have those results back within one to three working days.Another benefit of in-house testing is that we can perform preanesthetic testing immediately before your pet undergoes anesthesia.  Preanesthetic testing is an important consideration before your pet undergoes surgery. It most commonly consists of checking the liver and kidney values and the blood sugar levels and provides the most current profile of your pets blood chemistry values making anesthesia safer. In cases of the extremely ill or extremely old patients, we will perform a complete blood count and a full chemistry panel before anesthesia.  Should the testing indicate a problem with any of these values, the anesthesia can be adjusted.

Our in-house laboratory is maintained with daily and monthly quality control checks but if there is any doubt in the results of the in-house, testing, we will send your pet's blood to an independent lab for confirmation.

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