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At Kindness Animal Hospital we take veterinary medicine seriously as demonstrated here by Dr. Eger and "Gibbs".  While Dr. Eger listens to "Gibbs'" heart, "Gibbs" stands patiently waiting for the exam to end.




After the exam "Gibbs" thanks Dr. Eger with a big kiss - This would be extremely inappropriate with a human doctor but occurs everyday in veterinary medicine.



picresized_exam3.jpg Sometimes, during an exam, something unusual may be discovered and the doctor may consult with one of the other two doctors at Kindness Animal Hospital. "Gibbs" tries to give Dr. Eger some help regarding "Pete's" exam but he really is not helping.

You may notice in the above pictures that Dr. Eger is wearing a white lab coat.  In human medicine, doctors are associated with white lab coats and veterinarians often wear white lab coats emulating their human counterparts.  Clients also tend to expect the doctors to wear the white labcoats both in human and animal medicine.  When you come to Kindness Animal Hospital you will only rarely see a doctor in a white lab coat.  You may not even think about it or you may think that she doesn't look like a doctor and can't figure out why (it's because she is not wearing a white lab coat).

So why don't the doctors at Kindness Animal Hospital wear white lab coats?  It's not just to be different or to confuse you.  Actually, the reason is the animals.  White lab coats are a distinguishing garment to wear, distinguishing enough that when we see someone wearing one we almost automatically assume that they are a doctor.  How often, in your pets everyday life does he/she encounter a white lab coat?  Almost never.  So, when they come into the office for their exam, they are nervous and then they see someone wearing something they have never seen before and it increases their anxiety.  Many veterinarians have found that wearing regular clothes or multicolored lab coates helps to reduce the anxiety of the patients during their visits.

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