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Dr. Rose Eger, DVM

Dr. Eger actually has wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as she can remember.  She really used to think that she could talk to animals (obviously had a good imagination  as a child!).  But times were different when she was growing up and women just didn't become doctors as often as they did in later years so the dream remained a dream until her husband Mike asked her, after he had graduated with a job, if she really still wanted to be a veterinarian. Five years later, she was Dr. Rose Eger and a lifelong dream was fulfilled.  She just doesn't think she can talk to the animals anymore (or at least she doesn't admit it).

Mike is her office manager and the man behind the scenes.  Together they have had a number of animals over the years.  Currently they have three dogs and 2 cats, most of them throw aways.  Jonesy, one of the cats, was literally thrown from a moving car on Becker Road as a 10 week old kitten.  Although battered and comatose, she had an indomitable will to live.

Nelly is our second cat.  He came to the hospital with a urinary stone in his bladder and the owners could not afford the surgery.  When Rose came to see the cat, she sat in front of the cage, opened the cage door and Nelly walked up to her, put one paw on each of her shoulder and rubbed her chin.  Right then Rose knew she was going to fix the cat up and take it home. Nelly was only two years old but had never been around dogs, so integrating Nelly into her "Family" was going to take time.  However, he has such an easy going personality that he quickly adjusted and today considers the dogs just a mild annoyance.

Pete is our oldest dog (born in 2006) and he was a humane society pup.  He grew up into a big goofball that howls like a husky but has a temperament of a lab. He loves water but it took until he was two years old before he willingly got into the pool.  Now that  he has learned the joys of the pool we have a hard time keeping him out.

Gibbs is our middle dog.  We got him from a rescue organization near West Palm.  His parents were owned by some drug dealers and when his mother was pregnant with him, they got word a bust was coming down and left town leaving all their animals just where they were.  His father was on a leash outside, and his mother was inside the house with a number of other animals.  The father got off the leash and went to the neighbors to get help.  They just thought that he got out again and paid him no attention.  After a week of him bugging the neighbors, they decided to go check out what was going on.  They found the house full of dead or almost dead animals and his mother was one of them.  She recovered and had a litter of three puppies.  Gibbs was one of them.  He has a quirky personality and we jokingly claim it to be from the drugs his mother received when she was pregnant.

Abbey came to us at 8 weeks old with a broken left leg and bruises and lung contusions on the right side of her body.  We believe she was kicked on one side of her body and the force knocked her up against a wall damaging the other side of the body.Regardless, she had to be fixed but they didn't have the money.  Instead of putting her to sleep, we had them sign her over to the hospital and we fixed her up.  Mike and Rose decided that they have had three dogs before and could handle one more so brought her into the "pack".  She has grown up to be a sweet dog but is somewhat fearful and they are still batteling the problem of submissive urination - but it is getting better.

Last but not least is our newest dog Lily.  She came to us, at approximately one year old, by Animal Control as a neglect case.  She had Demodectic Mange so severe, her skin was sloughing off to the point that she was becoming septic.  The owner could not afford any care and had let the condition get to this point.  She signed her over to the hospital and we treated her.  We could not find her a home and after a couple of months in a run she was starting to go crazy so Mike and Rose took her home to introduce her to the pack.  She became their 4th dog and a here is a video link to Lily's story.

When not working and not taking care of her animals Dr. Eger likes to garden and has a back yard full of things like star fruit, papaya, mango, pineapple, lime, figs and coconuts.  In addition she has a number of  tropical flowering plants including orchids to brighten the area.  She also likes to travel but being a business owner she doesn't travel nearly as much as she would like.  In addition, Dr. Eger is fluent in German and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

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