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Cassidy, Full-Time Cat

Cassidy is a relatively recent addition coming to us as a small kitten in 2012.  She was brought in by an owner that said she got her leg caught in a door the week before.  We X-rayed her and found that she had a broken leg.  It had been so long after the break that the leg had started to heal and it could not be set.

The owner had no money so they signed her over to us.  Because the leg could not be set we had to amputate it.  Weeks after the surgery she still cried out in pain when we picked her up which was not usual.  We X-rayed her chest and found a couple broken ribs and immediately understood why she didn't want to be picked up.  It now looked like she may have been kicked but we can't be sure. 

She gets around well with only three legs and is actually a good hospital cat.  You would think that being traumatized so early in life that she would be afraid of things but instead she likes to see what is going on.  She checks out all the clients and patients that come in here and has to be in the middle of any kind of maintenance or construction work.  She is fearless even with big dogs which gets us concerned at times. 

Bobby Church

Bobby Church, Full-Time Cat

Bobby Church was found in a dumpster at a church and he kind of has a bobcat coloration and thus the name Bobby Church.  He has been with us since 2010.  He was just a little baby fur-ball when found and we hand raised him.  

He does not like all the commotion that goes on up front so he is happy to just stay in the back office.  He likes to lay in front of the keyboards when we are working so we have to type over him.  He will frequently stick his paw out and "hold hands" with whoever is at the computer.

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