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X-Ray Machine
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 X-rays show the bones very well and some soft tissue problems can also be seen.  X-rays have been  around for a long time and are the most common type of diagnostic imaging tool used. The most recent advance with X-rays is digitizing the pictures taken (like going from film to digital cameras).  

We have recently upgraded to a digital X-ray system.  What was formally our Dark Room where X-ray films were processed, now contains the digital processor where X-rays are "developed" and transferred to the hospital network so the radiographs can be viewed by the doctors.  Since they are digital, the radiographs can be put on a disc and sent with the client when referred to a specialist or the radiographs can also be sent over the internet to be viewed by a radiologist.  To view the radiographs, each exam room has a monitor and the radiographs are sent to the appropriate room where the x-rays can be reviewed with the clients.

Having a digital x-ray unit makes it more convenient for the doctors and provides a better quality radiograph. Since the pictures are digital they can be manipulated (by changing the contrast, the magnifying etc.) to let the doctor get a better picture of what is going on.  One of the doctors recently had what she thought was an abnormality on a digital radiograph. When she sent the radiograph to a radiologist, he told her that what she was seeing was normal, that the digital radiographs are so good, it was showing things she had never seen on a standard film radiograph. 

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