English BulldogParasites are pesky and, unfortunately, quite common. Sometimes, they burrow into a dog's skin or feet and, other times, they're swallowed when dogs groom themselves or eat contaminated soil or feces. In addition to making your pet sick, parasites can cause infections that spread to people - yuck!

To help you protect yourself and your pet, we're offering a fecal antigen test to our clients for only $9.95 (usually priced at $35) until November 1, 2019. *

This fecal test can help us best diagnose and treat your pet:

• Detecting the three most common intestinal parasites: hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm
• Identifying infections prior to eggs being laid
• Helping reduce the frequency of environmental contamination by identifying potentially infectious eggs

Using this test will allow us to treat your pet for worms 30 days sooner than we'd be able to using other fecal tests.

Call us at (772) 878-0100 to learn more or to schedule your pet's appoinment. 

* To take advantage of this special, your pet must be in good health (not showing symptoms of illness) and be current on their exam or coming in for an exam in the immediate future

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