"One thing we are very clear of, pets and taking care of your pets is a necessity." - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

We are open and operating under our normal business hours.

When you arrive, please call us from your vehicle at (772) 878-0100 and we will guide you through the process. Please be patient, as we only have four phone lines. If you do not have a mobile phone to bring with you, please tell us when booking the appointment, and we will make accommodations.

For the time being, only employees will be allowed inside the hospital. For appointments, our technicians will meet you in the parking lot to pick up your pet, and bring your pet into the hospital. We have a location outside the door to pick up food and medications.

During this time, services are limited to wellness visits (including vaccinations), sick, injured, skin and ear problems that need immediate attention, certain surgeries, and dental procedures.

Going forward, as the situation unfolds, we may need to make changes to existing appointments and we appreciate your flexibility. If your appointment is going to be affected, we'll contact you regarding the changes.

Our new, curbside program goes like this:


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English BulldogParasites are pesky and, unfortunately, quite common. Sometimes, they burrow into a dog's skin or feet and, other times, they're swallowed when dogs groom themselves or eat contaminated soil or feces. In addition to making your pet sick, parasites can cause infections that spread to people - yuck!

To help you protect yourself and your pet, we're offering a fecal antigen test to our clients for only $9.95 (usually priced at $35) until November 1, 2019. *